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The No-Tone Project revived

Posted in TNTP on September 18, 2012 by notoneambient

I was already mentioning it in the last post… TNTP will be back.

New equipment resurrected my interested in TNTPs spacey drone. In the near future there will be a small album, a reboot for TNTP that is now back to being a minimalistic synth project.
Watch this space or the facebook-site for news.

Current status

Posted in DITV, Kundar, TNTP on September 7, 2012 by notoneambient


The next album “Personal Apocalypse” is still scheduled to be released. As a bonus for the special edition i sat down and revisited KUNDARs first album “After Suicide” and made a new, 55minutes long, track out of it. Even with some unused recordings from the first album. Additionally there is even more stuff in the pipeline, but don´t expect that soon.



What I am working on right now: A new DITV full length that combines new and old DITV.  2/3 done already. For the release i am thinking about something unconventional…


The No-Tone Project:

Still on a hiatus, but i want to release a “alternative and unreleased” compilation one day. Additionally – when playing around with new instruments/toys, i laid the foundation for 2 or 3 TNTP tracks.



When playing around with another guitar player, we came up with some tunes that i further manipulated. We will figure out how to go on and finally release this stuff, but you can hear a version of it here: