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“Violet Light And A Hum” debut album

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Just a short notice that our drone doom ambient album is available for streaming and download at all the big places.


Listen here:





Current status

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Hello world.

Right now i use pretty much all my musical energy for a guitar drone duo that might see daylight one day. We recorded enough music for one full length already. And right now we´re working on the post-processing  of the tracks.

Guitar duo recordings made in last summer will be released as a DITV “Interlude”-album. Pretty soon i hope…

DITV teaser

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ok, i hope i got this fancy facebook stuff working now:

EDIT: Should work now…

Descent Into The Void, a new track

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Release of >>NightTime (Remixed)<<

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In 2006 i silently released the remix CD of NightTime (which features just two drone tracks, a remix of The Machines Lullabye and The Night They Came Home, clocking around 65 minutes).

Now i signed up with bandcamp and prepare to release the CD “properly” as a web-download. I hope it will be available this weekend at . I decided to make it “pay-what-you-like” or better: “pay-if-you-like”. You can download it for free, not even an email-address required, or pay what you want. Just keep in mind that paypal always eats up at least 11 cents (€-cents that is) of the amount you want to pay. So don´t bother paying less than these 11 cents. The only one who will gain anything then is paypal.

And BTW, the tracks are really good, better than i remembered them. Bleak ambient drone sometimes  interspersed with some hints of melody. I listened to them this whole miserable day.

Slowly going

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As i am very very busy with my phd i haven´t had the time to get back to TNTP. So far a few ideas for KUNDAR are ripening in my head. So there will definitely be new KUNDAR material one day. stay tuned.