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original “NightTime” re-released

Posted in TNTP on June 26, 2011 by notoneambient

The original NightTime release was in November 2004 through Nothingness Records. It was available in 111 copies and it is probably nearly impossible to get it nowadays.

Therefore i re-released the CD on bandcamp. again for free, if you like!

As a little extra you get the full original art as a pdf file when you download the whole album!

NightTime (remixed) released

Posted in TNTP on June 12, 2011 by notoneambient

on bandcamp!

Get it here:

Release of >>NightTime (Remixed)<<

Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2011 by notoneambient

In 2006 i silently released the remix CD of NightTime (which features just two drone tracks, a remix of The Machines Lullabye and The Night They Came Home, clocking around 65 minutes).

Now i signed up with bandcamp and prepare to release the CD “properly” as a web-download. I hope it will be available this weekend at . I decided to make it “pay-what-you-like” or better: “pay-if-you-like”. You can download it for free, not even an email-address required, or pay what you want. Just keep in mind that paypal always eats up at least 11 cents (€-cents that is) of the amount you want to pay. So don´t bother paying less than these 11 cents. The only one who will gain anything then is paypal.

And BTW, the tracks are really good, better than i remembered them. Bleak ambient drone sometimes  interspersed with some hints of melody. I listened to them this whole miserable day.