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Updates galore…

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Holy shit. It´s been a long time. I even forgot to write about the latest release here. And actually its one i´m very proud of.

July 2015 saw the release of DESCENT INTO THE VOIDs latest album. A concept album about the post-apocalyptic world. Inspired by Cormac McCarthy´s novel “The Road” it offers a bleak view into a barren, dead world. Harsh drone, encompassing frequencies, noise. Get “post apocalypsis” here for free:




And then there is still KUNDAR. I found some tracks that did not fit onto the release that was planned to happen in 2013. Which, by the way is still shelved right now. But i guess i will self-release it one day or another.And I am going to spill the beans: There was a reinterpretation of KUNDARs first album “After Suicide” planned as bonus for a limited edition. I went back to the original sound files and a made a whole new 56 minutes long track out of it. Even used some recordings that were cut out of the original version.
But back to the unused tracks. These two tracks would make a perfect EP. A release will also happen one day.

And then… today… there was this:


and you can actually listen to a very early version:

… so there is actually a LOT of material (more than 3 hours, much more than the discography up to date) that has been held back by the planned 2013 release. In 2016 some of it will come!

Considering THE NO-TONE PROJECT: hiatus. Main focus is still the post-dronemetal band VIOLET LIGHT AND A HUM.

2013/07 Update

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Hello everyone (mainly Mark 🙂 )


just a short update on what is going on:


The No-Tone Project:

I postponed the latest release indefinitely. Right now i am not even sure if it will get released in any way at all.



“Personal Apocalypse” is still scheduled to be released at COMA SECTION, including limited editions that feature a reimagination of the first album “After Suicide”


Descent Into The Void:

“Dark Day” is still quite fresh and so far made the least impact of any album i made so far. I plan to record some more stuff soon (noise/drone). 3 tracks are already done.


Violet Light And A Hum:

This is the new project i am involved in with another guy. We finished recording our first full length, just some minor tweaks and adjustments need to be done before we can look for a label or release it ourselves. The style ranges from drone, noise, ambient to hints of post-rock and doom metal. If you want to stay updated connect with our facebook page.

Current status

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The next album “Personal Apocalypse” is still scheduled to be released. As a bonus for the special edition i sat down and revisited KUNDARs first album “After Suicide” and made a new, 55minutes long, track out of it. Even with some unused recordings from the first album. Additionally there is even more stuff in the pipeline, but don´t expect that soon.



What I am working on right now: A new DITV full length that combines new and old DITV.  2/3 done already. For the release i am thinking about something unconventional…


The No-Tone Project:

Still on a hiatus, but i want to release a “alternative and unreleased” compilation one day. Additionally – when playing around with new instruments/toys, i laid the foundation for 2 or 3 TNTP tracks.



When playing around with another guitar player, we came up with some tunes that i further manipulated. We will figure out how to go on and finally release this stuff, but you can hear a version of it here:




sad Kundar news…

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… i just lost 12 minutes of  a looong kundar track i was working on. Damn it….

Kundar – Personal Apocalypse

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Some new on the third KUNDAR album, called “Personal Apocalypse”:

4 tracks, around 1 hour playtime, tracklist:

1) Another Meaningless Day
2) Everything Ceases
3) The Last Moments
4) Heimsendir

It is actually finished, the tracks are over at COMA SECTION. We are still  figuring out the “special” for the SPECIAL EDITION right now, but i have prepared one devastating treat. I won´t spoil it yet, though, but you are welcome to guess.

Progress on Kundar´s Third

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I think i just finished recording Kundar´s third album.

What a behemoth.

“The Final Boundaries I” release date and Kundar updates

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It´s hard to believe, but 7 years after starting to record the album it is finally coming. On the 16th of September 2011 you will be able to get The No-Tone Projects first part of its final output “The Final Boundaries” – called “Mind” – for 5€ on bandcamp.
The second part “Space” will follow later this year and mark the end of TNTPs journey for now.

And on a sidenote: I will start and pull the available free downloads of TNTPs first album THE SUPERNOVA DEMONSTRATION that i put up on the internet. It won´t be available anywhere afterwards anymore.

And for news on KUNDAR: I finished recording the raw material for two new tracks. the title and atmosphere is set and the third album can be seen as a continuation of the story that the first two started. And i am very proud to announce that it will be released through the great SECTION XIII: COMA.