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the video for “Sub” and the story behind the track

Posted in TNTP on January 4, 2011 by notoneambient

Back in 2003 i made the track “Ice” for the first demo and was very pleased with its atmosphere. I then decided to do a little EP in this kind of atmosphere, working title “Ice EP“. I only got so far that i had one more track finished when i scrapped the idea because of everything being to repetitive. Everything was already said in these two tracks.

Later when i was finishing “NightTime” in 2004 i got back to that second “ice”-track. After heavly editing the track it was shorter and tighter, with a different mood,  got the name “Sub” and was released on “NightTime“. Around the same time i was out shooting some weird scenes with a crappy old videocamera. I had the raw material on my PC for over almost 6 years until i finally thought of editing/finishing it. I only had little time, so the outcome didn´t really make me happy, but i thought i could share it with everyone interested.

Here it is: