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Progress on “The Final Boundaries”

Posted in TNTP on December 27, 2010 by notoneambient

“The Final Boundaries”, The No-Tone Project´s final opus is in the works since around summer 2003. It was planned from the beginning as a 2 part release, one called “Mind” and one called “Space”. And for several years now i´m sure this will be the last “music” TNTP recorded. A few days ago i put my hands on the tracks again worked my way through all the notes and stuff and finished that beast off.

I may delete one track though because it is just too harsh for TNTP. Reason is it was based on an idea for my Kundar project and therefore sounds basically “unpleasant”. We´ll see.

After so many work went into the two CDs i may send out some demos to netlabes and see if it´s possible to be released. So yeah, it may only take another year or so 😉

Whats happening to TNTP afterwards? There will be several free downloads coming after “The Final Boundaries” are out. One with “unreleased and alternative” material, maybe a remix of the very first CD “The Supernova Demonstration” and a final EP. Maybe that final EP will even be a split between my three projects…

so long then.

What is this here?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 22, 2010 by notoneambient

Well, as the notoneproject-homepage is quite dead i decided to open up a blog that covers all The No-Tone Project stuff happening.

But thats only half the truth…

The No-Tone Project is as good as finished. it was a nice project and will see the release of at least 3 or 4 CDs. Probably all free and self-released.

I will go on with several other things as time allows it, for example pursuing my other projects Descent Into The Void and Kundar and especially some NEW stuff less ambiental.
just check back here every now and then for new info, sketches, songs and all that stuff.



PS: As a little special here´s the Descent Into The Void s/t CD: