“Descent Into The Void – Footsteps…” track by track

The new album by “Descent Into The Void” is released. “Footsteps In An Empty House” is available as free download or “pay what you like” on bandcamp.

There are also “videos” up on youtube with all the tracks so that they can be streamed there as well. Or use your favourite youtube downloader if you dislike bandcamp.

Now i thought i could do something different and tell little stories about the tracks one by one. I don´t want to kill the magic but i thought it might give some insight into the production of this CD.


1. The Undying

This is the oldest track on the CD. The basic drone of this track was planned as the first track of DITVs album II ( First recordings started in october 2009). It can still be heard as one of the bonus tracks on bandcamp. These drones were then later spiced up with additional distorted guitar layers played by the persons who is often involved in the voice recordings for KUNDAR –> This track actually features the first guest musician for DITV.


2. What Becomes Of People

This was planned as the second movement of II. “The Undying” was supposed to flow directly into this track.  The dark brooding sound is only made by guitar and dozens of effects and post-processing.


3. Footsteps In An Empty House

This track features unmodified layers of guitar, so there was no post-processing in any way. The album changes quite dramatically from the old brooding sound to this new DITV sound from this track on.


4. Never Ever

Parts of this track were originally recorded during the “Cancer” sessions. Lots of e-bow noise was added as the final touch. The power of post-processing can be heard in the second bonus track on bandcamp, where the only difference another kind of post-processing (and the lack of e-bow) is.


5. Transition

Transition was supposed to be the center piece of this album showing the two different sides of DITV in one song. In the end i wasn´t 100% pleased and changed the whole structure of the album because of it. Nevertheless this may still show the path DITV will tread in the future.


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  1. That’s great! Thanks for that 🙂

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